Google AdWords
Pay per Click Marketing

Please watch the below video for a full understanding of Google Adwords.

Things to know:

  1. AdWords campaigns are region specific.
  2. Regions can also be excluded from a broader Region selection.

Example Region Options:
Include region, South Africa, but exclude Umhlanga & Durban North.
Include South Africa but exclude KZN
Include, Durban North & Umhlanga only.

Track What Counts

// Conversions are Key.

Impressions and clicks are great, but are they leading to actions that generate you profit. The most important metric is conversion tracking – Conversion tracking is included with all our plans.

Conversion Actions: Track everything that creates value for your business.

• New Account creation • Demo account creation • Affiliate sign up
• Chat Initiated • Contact form sent • Software Installed • Contest Sign up

For a conversion action to be tracked, Google AdWords / Google Analytics code needs to be added into the page the user lands on after taking the required action. This is generally a “thank you” page. Individual “thank you” pages need to be added by your web developer for each conversion action.

A/B Split Testing

We always run at least 2 ads head to head in every ad group. The lower performing ad is replaced weekly and compared again. This process is ongoing through all our accounts.


When available, experiments are run comparing variable changes in the campaign. If the experiment delivers better results, the settings are then applied to the campaign. This is repeated whenever possible.

Negative Keywords

This is a type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. It tells Google not to show your ad to anyone who is searching for that phrase. We add Negative Keywords on a daily based on your campaign data so you don’t pay for unwanted traffic.

  1. Ad groups within campaigns apply to these locations set.
  2. Ad Groups can differ completely but apply to the same locations set under the campaign.
  3. Keywords trigger a predefined text ad.
  4. This ad can show on PC and Mobile or just PC.
  5. Negative keywords can be set to not show an ad.

Here is a keyword example.

Keyword Phrase: “web design in Durban
Negative Keyword: “jobs” , “career“, “internship

Ad will show for “web design in Durban” but not show for “web design jobs in Durban